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Is Pandemic hurting your IT initiative?

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The world is changing fast due to the current pandemic and adjusting to the new normal is must, to stay afloat in these turbulent times. A lot of small businesses have suffered largely due to the pause, induced by the pandemic. This means budget cuts, cancellation or delaying of different initiatives that were already planned. These measures may seem right but may prove detrimental for the business.

A lot of companies take the support of Information Technology (IT) to revolutionize the business. However, even the IT initiatives have been hampered due to the difficult times. This is a sacrifice that organization’s are choosing in order to survive the current catastrophic times.

Rather than slowing down, the companies have the option to choose a different route in order to stay put on the planned course of action on the IT front. Companies can opt for a subscription model of IT initiative called Managed Services. This will not only help save / reduce cost of IT operations but will also help the business with external intelligence and expertise from other businesses and business verticals that the managed services provider brings to the table.

A managed services model is a distinct kind of outsourcing that covers all IT functions. In a managed services model, the provider takes over all the technology decisions. However, these decision must be within the parameters that the business has set. The only significant role the business has in the managed services model is to review the processes.

The managed IT service provider is a company that works remotely to manage their customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. This is a proactive approach and part of a subscription model.

Though there are numerous benefits of opting for Managed services here are the top three:

Cost efficiency: In a managed services model, the managed IT service provider takes complete risk – any breakdown or maintenance is the responsibility of the service provider.

Fixed Cost:  The IT bills are fixed and don’t fluctuate making it easy to manage the IT budget.

Focus on Core Business: The managed services model will ensure that you are at peace on the IT front.

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