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Do you know today’s vulnerability status of your network?


Networks are vulnerable and at peril of being exploited. Our networks are exposed to both internal and external vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management is a key responsibility of any IT security team, and it involves assessing, mitigating (if necessary) and reporting on any security vulnerabilities that exist in an organization’s systems and software. But vulnerabilities can be managed only if they have been discovered and identified, and the way to achieve this is through a comprehensive vulnerability scanning program.

With the advent of internet everyone realized the perils of threats from virus, worms, malwares, et. al. To secure your systems from that we adopted to anti-virus applications, these days it is a default requirement while commissioning an end user system in any organization. But do organizations follow the same rule while addressing network vulnerabilities?

Even today most of the organizations opt to give a contract to an external agency to scan for network vulnerabilities in their network. This is done on a periodic basis with the most frequent scanning being on a quarterly basis. Let’s see if this approach is really useful.

On an average there are approximately 2000 vulnerabilities discovered per month that could put your network at peril. The periodic scan by a third party will only be based on the day the scan was done. What about all those vulnerabilities that were discovered from that day onwards till the next scan cycle? Who is responsible for any network compromise that takes place during this period?

At Tres Infosol, we help our customers with the deployment of vulnerability scanners that can be part of your network. These scanners will scan your network 24×7 for any existing and newly discovered vulnerability that may be present. The scanner has its own ticketing tool to keep a track of the vulnerability reported. This helps the customer to be aware of all the network vulnerabilities their network is exposed to and hence help them patch it at the earliest delivering the most secure network experience.

Our network scanning automatically and continuously scans your networks and systems for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities. Network scanning detects vulnerabilities related to old software, exposed services and functions, misconfigured systems, weak passwords etc. In addition, the service automatically maps your network to give you a clear overview of all your systems – regardless of geographical location and whether you manage all your IT yourself or outsource all or part of your IT environment. Using comprehensive information, smart and effective tools as well as our support and specialist help, you or your IT partner can effectively prioritize and rectify detected vulnerabilities before they are exploited by a malicious person. In parallel with a scheduled scanning of your networks and systems, you can scan on demand at any time, for example in connection with changes and commissioning. The following examples as per below is what we cover: –

  • Scanning of public networks and systems.
  • Local scanning of networks and systems behind your firewalls with the virtual appliance (Scanner Appliance)
  • Supports scanning of local, cloud infrastructure, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Detects vulnerabilities in, for example, old software and exposed services and functions
  • Detects misconfigured systems
  • Detects weak passwords
  • Maps hosts, ports, and services
  • Automatic update of vulnerability database
  • Windows and Linux authenticated scanning
  • High precision with a low number of false positives
  • Automated and scheduled scans, as well as scans on demand
  • Detailed asset register
  • Automated asset discovery (Auto Discovery)
  • Automated structuring and grouping of assets
  • Scheduled scan on a daily, weekly & monthly basis
  • Vulnerability Manager – administration of vulnerabilities
  • Continuous Monitoring – Monitoring of vulnerabilities and changes
  • Functions for GDPR and NIS compliance
  • Integration with Jira, Slack, and Webhooks
  • API for programmatic integrations with e.g. SIEM and CI/CD products
  • Customizable detail and statistical reports
  • Compliance reports for PCI DSS, GDPR, NIS, PDPA, OWASP, and ISO/IEC 27001
  • Customizable dashboard for a quick overview
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Administration via Security Center
  • Variety of tags on the basis of the operating system, services, and TCP/IP ports & protocols
  • Create a customized tag
  • Automated/manually assignment of tags for the operating system, services, and TCP/IP ports & protocols to assets.
  • Quick and easy steps to configure Scanner Appliance for local scanning
  • Default scanning profiles cover discovery, fast, standard, and full scanning
  • Create customized scanning profiles
  • Single click ticket creation for remediation
  • Instant alerts on email and/or SMS upon new risks
  • Option to create your own continuous monitoring profile based on self-defined triggers.
  • Generated scan report protected via random system-generated password

Take control of the security of your networks and systems with our network scanning today, by dropping a mail to

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